GitHub Pages for Eric Kolotyluk

Programming since 1970 in a Computer Mathematics class in Grade 8, I have had a love/hate relationship with computers, computer technology, and technology in general. Indeed, the more experience I get, the more opinions I get, but like wave physics, sometimes those opinions reinforce, and other times those opinions cancel out.

Generally these GitHub repositories are for what I would call Recreational Programming where I like to play around with ideas. In another sense, in my professional life, it’s nice to have a place to go back to and see how I have solved various problems in the past. Finally, in a professional sense, this is my portfolio where people can see various examples of the kind of work I have done.


Years ago someone gave me the book Joel on Software, which I enjoyed tremendously. Not that I agreed with everything Joel Spolsky had to say, but he certainly challenged me to think about things, he told me things I did not know before, he inspired me to learn more about things I did not know. It is in the same spirit that I share my opinions.

Random Thoughts

Cognitive Bias

In “Elon Musk Things Every Child Should Learn About These 50 Cognitive Biases” there is the longest list of Cognitive Biases I have ever seen; biases we are all susceptible to. Sometimes, increasingly actually, people exploit these biases for propaganda, use them to exploit other people, generally to exploit others into acting against their own best interests. In the worst cases, communities form an Echo Chamber to amplify these biases and other deceptions. However, there also exist some people who value reality, who value understanding reality, and feel it is better to utilize reality than to deny it.



A place to learn about Project Loom through hands-on experimentation and exploration. See more at Project Site Pages.

My hope is to develop this into a learning tool for other people as well, so if you have ideas on how this can work better for you or others, please create a ticket in loom-lab Issues. People are encouraged to clone this repo, run the experiments and other code, make local changes, and watch what happens.